faces of the Sea                  by Dawayne Galloway

This gallery will exhibit paintings of seascapes and the different actions water makes near land be it calm or hostile. All paintings were created in the 1900's of different views and seascapes.

"Seascapes of Bombay" is a painting of a seashore where the artist was raised. In the foreground you see what could be leaves of a tree. the focus area seams to be 3 canoes, you can see there silhouette on the water in front of them. In the background you see whats looks to be a big wave in the distance. This painting depicts water in a calm state and in action.
"Seascape" was inspired the landscapes the artist seen from her travels. It looks like a bay area with calm blue waters. you see a beach shore line surrounding the water into the distance. The line in the middle of the painting helps your eyes transition to seeing the far background of the painting.
"Seascape. View of the Bay of Palma de Mallorca" is a painting showing the view of the bay. In this painting you observe a bright mountain hill in the background based with a shimmery calm body of water. There are small boats here and there and a red floater in the far right foreground. The proportion is off a bit putting focus on the person in the boat to the left in the foreground.
In "Seascape-Isle of Shoals" the artist shows water crashes against a rocky shore. You see the small waves coming in the distance. There clouds and parted by the view of the sun. The seascape in the distance makes it looks like the sun in setting.
"The Heavens" Are Telling is a painting that shows a bright sun shining and reflecting off a very calm seascape. You see thick light grey clouds in the distance giving the painting a morning sunrising feel.
In "Landscape, seascape" the artist shows aggresive waves in a storm. You see dark colors with white on the edges making up the high waves. You can see how high some of the waves are in comp-arising to the horizon. The artist used black grays and whites to make the sky in the foreground a stormy look.
In "Stormy Seascape" you see a rocky landscape with water crashing over it as it comes to shore. The sky is a grayish color making it look over casting. This painting is depicting the physics of water when it comes in contact with a rocky shore.
"The Grey Sea" is a painting that looks more like a photograph it's so well painted. You observe the water at most surface level with ripples almost realistic to the eye. We can a fog look as you strain to see the background of the painting. This painting depicts water at sea at it most calm state.
In the "Winter morning, Wellington Harbour" you see calm waters with ships in the background. The sun in rising in the background on the right. Theres a smokey haze in the middle of the painting giving it a cease fire look. The painting depicts waters calming after a hostile night.
In "Seascape" by Richard Buckner Gruelle we slightly dark image with water crashes against boulder on the shore. The sun insetting giving it a yellow orange hue across the middle of the painting. The sky opens opens just enough for the sun to spot light s part of the sea in the distance. This painting depicts a active water seascape.
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