Junior's Gallery of War Pieces - Eustace Browne - Clar 209 Sum 2: Pictures

The first picture I chose is of the “Big Three” which is Joseph Stalin, FDR and Winston Churchill. The picture was taken at the 1943 Tehran Conference in Iran between the three main allied powers. I chose this picture because it’s of three legendary figures in modern history and it’s also a reminder of how dire the situation was in World War II that these three had to get together to discuss what to do about Hitler and the Japanese.
The second picture I chose is of FDR and General Eisenhower on a plane en route to Italy in 1943. I chose this picture because it features two presidents (one current, one future) in the middle of the greatest war in the history of mankind. At the time Eisenhower was appointed Supreme Commander of the Allied forces in Europe. To me this picture just shows the power and respect that these two had and commanded.
The third picture I chose is one taken on D-Day on July 6, 1944 but this picture was not taken where the main landings happened in Normandy but in Slapton Beach in England. I chose this picture because D-Day was the biggest turning point in the war, and it’s interesting to see another side of D-Day other than the main landings in Normandy.
The fourth picture I chose is of Vera Mary St Clair-Erskine with a Red Cross ambulance driver during World War I. I chose this picture mostly because I feel like World War I is almost looked over in terms of impact to world history by the current(my generation) when it was in all actuality nearly as bad and directly spawned World War II
The fifth picture I chose is of Lyndon B. Johnson signing the voting rights act in Washington in 1965. I chose this picture because as a black man it speaks to me of a time when the rights of black people and other minorities weren’t guaranteed, this law being signed guaranteed that.
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