Olivija Lapp

Balance This uses balance because it has equal amounts of work, but just in different colours.
Repetition This uses repetition because the artist painted people over and over in the painting.
Emphasis This is a focal point because the person who is holding the mask has a light mask while the background is darker.
Contrast This is contrast because there are two different colours being used and one of the colours is being mainly used whereas the other colour is barely being used.
Unity This is unity because the piece is of a country and a country is supposed to be united by it's people and the piece captures how the country is united.
Proportion This is proportion because it is of a woman and the artist had to use some sort of proportion to make the piece.
Variety This is variety because it uses different colours to show off the flowers.
Movement This is movement because it shows the the symbol is moving towards the audience.
Credits: All media
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