Beauty and Rage

Over time we have started up embracing the all natural wonders of the world, yet still come across the betrayal of those who can swoon the eyes of the individual. Such is a process of life that many accept, yet fight for the sake of others and conflict to show the worth of valor that is inside them. Beauty defining the beauty of the surroundings and the people in the background and Rage to define to bold aggressiveness of an individual, whether being the hero or being turned against, so is the turning point of a tragedy.

In here, the male lion is coming back to check on his lioness, while being angered by his return. The painting has a great visual on how the day is going with the two, with the darker shadows.
Tor is battling it out as the monstrous giants charge for him. This painting has a sinister feel to it and is well presented to show Tor being the hero.
Hercules being tempted by the mistress to fall for her and accept her as his own. With Hercule showing off most of his masculinity, it is being counteracted by the females in the painting.
A battle between two versions of Eros. This painting shows a tragedy of simple only one can reign in this world. This painting is really dark and is almost tragic to see the Earthly Eros defeated.
Aeneas Giving of the final blow to King Turnus, it is a one on one battle to the death. From looking at this painting, one can see that this last for a long time and the soldiers are unequipped .
Horatii giving the three valiant men swords to finish the oath between men, as the women swoon over on the side. Simple romanticism to show a more subtle approach, beginning the fall.
Samson being betrayed by Delilah as soldier come to kill him. This is a tragic moment where the great Samson the mighty, loses his powers and therefore becomes feeble and weak, unable to fend himself.
A painting of two women killing off the man that has oppressed them. A part of time where innocence and instinct collide and begin doing the evil deeds to stop a bad tyrant from ruining their lives.
Showing of Christ carrying the cross on his way to his death. A moment of forgiveness comes to the time in which the people are saved by the price of one man.
Saint James goes for a kill with his saber to take out his enemies as the battle commences. As for a fight, many do not want to die on the battlefield, so they'll do anything to survive the world.
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