NAture at PEace

This gallery will demonstrate the clarity of contrast and vivid texture through paintings of nature's beautiful landscapes. The paintings also express the peace and attraction nature has to offer. This gallery will also show the vibrant colors nature possess to enhance the texture and contrast of each painting. The remarkable detail of each painting has a unique style to portray an extremely realistic representation of nature.

This picture depicts a tall abandon flower field where white flowers are almost ready to bloom in a nighttime setting. The white hazy background provides the painting with vivid contrast which blends into tall flower stems. The white haziness almost acts as a morning dew. The very fine detail of the tall stems provide the painting with enormous texture that give the painting immense depth.
This painting depicts a overgrown wild field of grass and flowers. The vibrant white and green contrast, gives the painting a natural shine to define the ruff texture of the wild grass and the position of the flowers. The dark green color indicates absence of light to create a different perception within the painting.
This painting depicts a lifelike representation of a hollyhock flower. The complex combination of the white, gray and light pink colors of the pedals portray the natural unfolding of the blossoming flower which displays a light texture. The subtle light background gives the painting a delicate contrast so the entire flower is the main focus.
This painting represents a field of golden wild grass. The yellow and orange contrast give the painting incredible depth to display a three dimensional effect. This effect creates a medium texture to the painting to amplify the fine detail of the wild golden grass. The bright yellow allows the detail of grass come to life.
This painting depicts a field of wild grass. The dark background gives the painting a strong contrast to illuminate the overgrown blades of grass. The abrasive texture gives the painting the appearance of natural waves of wild grass growing erratically. The simple shades of gray provide the painting with depth and definition.
This painting represent a field of wild flowers. The over abundance of healthy flowers in the painting provides a smooth and delicate texture. The purple and white colors gives the painting a strong contrast especially in the center. The contrast allows the flowers to be more pronounced producing vivid details of the wild flowers. The dark shading on the top and bottom of the painting also provides more focus on the center portraying the flowers being exposed to natural light.
This painting depicts a scene of tall wild grass and weeds. The colors of different greens give this painting a strong vibrant appeal, which provides a rugged texture. The contrast of black and different shades of green give the painting a natural complexity. The layers of different greens give the painting a realistic perspective.
This painting depicts a vast field of wild grass and flowers. The black and white contrast gives the painting an endless view of landscape with small rolling hills. The black portrays the burly density of the overgrown field, while the white brightens up the detail of the sporadic growth of the wild flowers.
The painting represents overgrown tall grass with wild flowers. The contrast of this dark painting brings focus to top of the flowers and grass giving the painting almost a natural moon light like effect. The shadowing on the bottom of the painting produces depth to create a realistic natural approach.
This painting represents soaring mountains surrounded by ocean. The vibrant shades of red assist the clear details of the land. The contrast of the red paint and the white linen provide defined detail of rigid mountains and roof tops of farmhouses. The white linen surrounding the painting portraying the ocean intensifies the red natural scene.
Credits: All media
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