Sunsets                         by grace whelan

This exhibition of sunsets has been chosen to show the cultural, structural and expressive diversity on one subject. The artworks have be arranged in order from lightest to darkest. The reasoning behing this arrangement was to show how various artists and their techniques capture the beauty of sunsets whether they are light or dark. As you immerse yourself in this exhibition take note of the method and brush technique of the individual artists against each others works. Some of the artworks have a similar structure like, 'Sunset at Eragny' and 'Sunset on Marshes' both have a bare landscape with vertical structure and warm coloured skies. These could not be any more different to structural framed work 'Luggage tag Sunset no.3' which is brilliant in its line and dot patterns to create a magnificent artwork. As you study each painting take note of the postmodern approach to 'Sunset bay' by Douglass Coupland. The blocks of pastel colours really capture the light from the sunset and it has a cubist feel and approach. We are also very privileged to have one of the paintings by one of the greatest painters Claude Monet. His impressionist style of painting is truly astonishing. This painting will draw you in with its perspective nature. I hope you enjoy this exhibition and that some of these artworks take you to a place that may remind you of your favourite sunset.

Structural Frame
Postmodern Frame
Subjective Frame
Cultural Frame
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