The paintings of this gallery were chosen because of the use of red to translate anger, uneasiness and other feelings of such kind into the painting.

I chose this painting because I find that it fits the subject of red for anger. In fact, I find that, the red prevailing in that painting, it gives me a feeling of uneasiness.
I find that the strokes of white in the painting, together with the red background only help insinuate the anger in it. That is because the strokes aren't "light", they are strong and uncoordinated.
The color red in this painting serves as a way to insist on the anger of the painting. Even if the picture itself doesn't need the red (because of the knives painted), the color helps create this feeling of hate between them.
The reason why I chose this painting is not specifically because of the color red. In fact, what I like most about it is the positions and looks of the characters in it. But they all are additions to the central personage (being highlighted by the color red, which, at the same time, represent his anger).
The reason for the red in this painting is quite obvious. In fact, the color here is being used to represent fire in which the women is standing on.
What attracted my attention towards this painting was the calmness that seems to be taking over the men's face. In addition to that, the red balances with it by creating an uneasiness that transforms the feeling of calmness into pain.
This painting has an obvious side to it. The red represents the blood dripping from the woman's body and the fact that there's a men standing next to her that isn't doing anything about it makes me thing that he's the one responsible for the murder.
The warriors represented in the painting are holding knives which makes me thing at the red as a way to represent war.
Even though we can't see too many details because of the fact that the painting is small, but I feel that the color red reflects the anger felt by the central figure.
Usually, when we see a sea/sky landscape, the colors used are blueish, green. In this case, the orange and red used create a heavy atmosphere which to me represents a storm.
In contrast with the blue, the red volcano may mean that it is about to erupt.
I think the red present in this painting represent two different things: death, for the blood; and sadness with the red robe and the details in the people's eyes.
All the red located in several parts of the image create a tense atmosphere, surrounded by lust and death.
The color red, when contrasted with the light colors of the painting (and joined by the name of the canvas) brings a sense of bad opposed to good; bad being the man in red and good being the girl in white holding the flowers.
Just as some of the other paintings, the color red here only helps increase the danger of the situation. The woman in red is holding a head in one hand and a sword in the other.
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