Garretts Art Gallery 

In this painting I see a Native American who is wearing a lot of jewelry and has his face painted red, and in the background is the sky and the plaines. This painting is supposed to show how majestic he looks and that he is in his home land.
In this painting there is an older man sitting and he has a a pen in his hand and is writing, the artist uses the colors and shading to emphasize the main object. I think this represents the working man, and how sophisticated and serious they were while working.
This painting is of a coin and the colors used are very dark and the coin looks as if it is made of clay. The meaning behind the painting in my opinion is that the people of importance are put on the currency used city wide.
This painting is of another painting and it shows the golden frame and the man in a pose of intelligence or power. This is supposed to represent how artists used painting to capture historical events and people.
In this painting there are children and there is a maid reading to them. This is supposed to represent the importance of children and how they should be taken care of.
This painting shows the other working class the laborers, the man is a black smith and he is welding some sort of metals. This is to show that not all people work with a pen and paper and that people work hard for little pay.
In this painting I see George Washington in a pose that exerts power, he is on a battle field with his hand on a cannon to talk about his daily life in the military. The prisoners in the background help show his power from a military standpoint.
This is a portrait of Christopher Columbus and is more of a sketch than a painting. This portrait was sketched because he is a very important person and it is to show just that.
This painting shows the wilderness, with a big mountain and body of water and all the green plants. The people in the corner are there to show how peaceful it is out in nature and they are having fun and being at peace walking their dogs.
This is a portrait of Benjamin West and portraits were often painted because of salmons importance. The dark colors and his expressions show how the painting in gloomy.
This painting has a crippled soldier interacting with children in it and it looks like he is telling them a story. This is showing the impact of adults and especially adults with bravery on children.
This painting shows a military meeting between George Washington and his generals. I the background there are men on horseback and ships showing the military like objects that would have been present.
This portraits of a gentlemen named J.S. Willett who was of importance at the time. The portrait is of another portrait to show how long ago he was of importance.
This portrait is of a women who must have done something to deserve herself a portrait. The picture is framed in a granite frame which would add value to the painting.
This painting shows a society out in a more nature like place and the town looks very peaceful. There is a big body of water and people sailing boats in it, lots of trees and greenery, and the mountains make the town look very secluded.
This Painting shows a house off of a river and the picture makes the setting look very calm. The man in the picture looks very at peace while he is working.
This bird is an eagle and it has free roam over wherever it pleases and this particular eagle chose to watch over the sea. The eagle represents what Washington was fighting for and that was freedom.
This painting shows the diversity of birds and they are by a lake their water source and a city is visible in the background.this represents the diversity in man in the city in back.
This bust of Ben Franklin is made out of respect and as a tribute to him. This shows his importance and how loved he was by Americans.
This is a bust of Christopher Columbus and this is also made as a tribute to him. This shows his importance and exerts he did something that made an impact.
This bust of Benjamin Rush was made to exert his importance. The pose he is making is showing his sophistication.
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