a bright life

This Gallery, by Elishama Douglas, was out together based on art pieces that portray a form of life through bright colors. 

It is dark, but the bright light shines on the onions that were once attached to the life of a plant.
The bright light in the background of the photo is what helps portray life in this photo. It is shining down on a woman who looks like she is inhaling, indicating life
The piece itself used bright colors, however the bright yellow pollen is what brings to life the painting of the flower. It shows the beauty of nature.
This image reminded me of neutrons. The colors captured really electrified the image and also reminded me how life itself is electrifying.
The vibrant green in this image is what brings forth the beauty of the tree. The setting of the sun also compliments the ocean. Both the ocean and tree are carriers of life.
With the bright colors being placed at the top of the piece, it resembles that the flower has reached its ultimate beauty within its life.
Here it is easy to see the human life, but the slight green highlights the wild life.
This image is electrifying because of the usage of white. The white within the image helps the flowers stand out.
The bright sun in this painting makes the river stand out. Where there is a river, there is always civilization because its water, along with its fish, was sometimes used to survive.
The white background make the objects in the painting stand out. I also compliments the death of the flower.
Making the sheet white within the painting highlights how important it is to find comfort within ones life.
The bright yellow help elaborate on the beauty of death that the flowers are facing
This bright and elaborate mural highlights the beginning of civilization.
The colors used in this painting are not as bright, however they portray how technology has become a part of society. Overall it a a positive thing.
The orange background highlights growth within all life.
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