A Woman's Worth

A woman's worth can not be measured or defined. However through the use of art work it can be understood.

In Greek mythology Venus encompasses love,beauty,sex,fertility, virtue, prosperity and victory. Venus is a representation of the vital characteristics a woman portrays. This is why I chose this piece to introduce my gallery.
In this piece Judith uses her beauty to behead Holofernes. Holofernes was a general who was set to destroy Judith's city. The lust that the general had for Judith allowed her to have access to his room at night fall. It was through her beauty and strength that Judith was able to save the lives of others.
There is no greater love then the one a mother has for her children. This picture exemplifies this love eloquently.
This piece exemplifies poise and grace. Although this piece is not abstract or complex the elegance it carries is all that is needed.
In hopes to find paradise, artist Paul Gauguin traveled to Tahiti. However, once there he was met with a unpleasant surprise as he was greeted with a placed stricken with illness and poverty. Through this he was met with a beautiful woman whose purity seemed to melt all of that away. Through that he was able to paint the place of paradise he was searching for. This piece exemplifies the purity of a woman.
This piece was apart of a exhibit that won the Turner Prize. It exemplifies not only a woman's strength but a mothers love. It was inspired from a true story of a mother who was searching for her son's killer after his murder had gone unsolved from the justice system.
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