Seasons in different views

My gallery is consisted of artworks that have a theme of seasons. I chose seasons because when I hear the word ‘nature’ I think of seasons, and all the bright colours and looks it brings. In my gallery I have shown and used all four of the seasons. These are summer, which contains all bright colours; autumn, which contains more of yellows, oranges, browns and reds, but can still be seen as bright; winter, which contains all of the cold colours, such as all the shades of blue, white and purple; and spring, which can also be seen as very similar to summer, as it too contains bright colours, but the difference between them is that spring contains more of bright greens and yellows then other colours. All seasons represent happiness in their own, unique ways. For example, summer shows happiness through bright colours and heat, which most people love, while winter can show happiness as in most countries in winter have snow, which is very nice to look at and play around in. Also because of the cold wind in winter, people like to sit at home in front of a fire place and cuddle into each other. Spring shows happiness as this is the season when flowers start to bloom and trees grow back their leaves. This is what can show bright greens and yellows. In autumn, happiness is shown through orange, yellow, brown and red leaves falling off trees and flying through the wind onto the ground, which people like to play around in and catch. If I had to, I wouldn’t be able to choose my favourite season as they all bring me joy, and I love them all.

This is my Cultural Artwork It was a warm summer day that went through to night and the 2 boys went for a swim to cool down
This is my Post-Modern Artwork The materials used in this artwork are oil and paint.
This is my Structural Artwork There is snow covering the floor and trees symbolizing that it is a cold winter
This is my Subjective Artwork The cows are eating grass on a sunny day indicating that they wanted something to eat in the warm sun before it gets too hot in the summer sun
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