Time and Motion

Movement in a multi-dimensional space -- Annie Buell

Strong, prominent diagonal lines give viewers a sense of action and motion. While the "knees" imply a direction to the left, the arrow and head are looking to the right.
It can be clearly seen that all four of the horse's hooves are off the ground at certain points during the horse's sequence of motion, recording this repetition of movement.
Several diagonal implied lines not only give us a sense of motion, but rather chaotic and disorganized movement. And with the placement of such close objects near the bottom, it is violent movement.
Specific placement on the broken up wall, tell a story of a hunt and give a sense of time from beginning to end.
The disrupted and multi directional lines of the water and waved imply a sense of chaotic motion happening on the sea.
The forefront, brighter colors tell us that General Sheridan is in transit from out of the darker, receding, background. The pointed direction of the horse's hooves also give a sense of forward motion
The plethora of downward, implied lines tells the viewer that the soldiers are in a state of motion--literally moving "off the painting" to another point.
Cars on the right side of the road contrast against the cars on the left so we know they are in a state of motion. The smaller perspective of the cars above tell us that they get smaller as they move.
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