Recycling Nairobi: Time, Place, culture

I name my museum Recycling Nairobi because I would like to make art from recycling materials. I chose the name Nairobi because I love this name, I know it is an African Country, but I really like this name.  I tried to make one gallery that contains reflecitions of life, places in life, and culture.  Enjoy!                            - by Elsa Naarai GD

The color black chrome reminds me of the Africans who were used as slaves.
Time runs fast, but if you are in a hurry use a car!
I just had curiosity of my name an a baby appeared.
I felt that this picture represented the fact that life is can be shiny, but looking beyond the appereance makes life shinier:)
I really do not know why this picture interested me so much. Probably because I had never been exposed to this kind of art in my culture.
This image gives me an air of cleanes and new beginnings. 3 R's!!
This brooch is on FLEEK!
Credits: All media
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