Unreal Intensity Defined Keith Harris 

Sharing a visual transformation created and imagined by individuals who dismissed the moderate opinions of the artistic community and the worlds focus concerning artistic technique. The images in this gallery personify an intrinsic deviation from the conventional approach and subject matter represented in works prior to the evolution of abstract expressionism.

Etude In Blue by Alma Thomas depicts sinuous bands of broad exploration of color. The prevailing subdued blues are immediately noticed as they subtly highlight the yellows and deep oranges throughout the work. As your eyes wonder about the distribution and movement of color subtle shapes begin to take form in the imagination of the minds eye.
In this image we can admire this untitled piece by Franz Kline In his studio. The audacious expressions captured in his strokes of black and white enamel are strong representations of shape and express the thrilling manner in which lines can interact and overlap. The cultivated style in which Kline exhibits value in his work is a mature representation of a master abstractionist.
The Visitor by Sonia Getchoff is immediately arresting the viewer, the vibrant hues of red that embody an almost feline figure are instantly tantalizing to the eye. The brilliant power and mastery of color theory embodied in the abstract works intensity is evident. The emphasis and focus of the work immediately draws your gaze to the beautiful figure expressed in piece.
New York, No 1 by Hedda Sterne illustrates the adventurous and complex essence that can be revealed in the concrete jungle of NYC. The toughness of the harsh geometric lines lunging from the lower half of the work into the sightlines of the observer are exquisite examples of shape. The value conceived with the strokes of mélange grey and black are deceiving to the eye. The contrast displayed exert a depth that leaves your eyes bewildered and captivated.
The outlook presented in Trendrine, Cornwall by David Bomberg is animated and bright. At first glance the inclining flow of the colors epitomizes a subtle unity often hard to discern in abstract pieces. The zest of vivid yellows oranges and crimsons is a dramatic exhibition of color. The sloping lines and movement on canvas carry the beholder from the top to the lower half of the painting.
Number 11, 1952 created by Jackson Pollack displays entangled textures that one would assume is choppy or uneven at best. The layered work evolves as you appreciate the variety and exceptional use of color visible. The piece has a depth that implies a never ending well of repetition and overlaying lines.
PH-164 by Clyfford Still is a subtle display balance and structure. The dynamic yellows and rooted mustard oranges in the center of the piece represent a crisp organic flow of intensity. As you survey the work its almost as if the space is moving with a distorted wavelike motion. The lack of organization concerning the colors also allows for an ambiguous appreciation of the work presented.
Trident by Gedi Sibony displays the lower portion of a vessel of sorts, voided by the long bold strokes of black paint. The piece gives a level of anonymity to the vessel hidden behind the charcoal clouded strokes of paint. On the outer edges we can see a degree of repetition or patterns created with the image of the vessels. The deep cobalt gold and black expressed in the color compliment space.
In this piece the viewer can appreciate intensity and dark values that seem to flow from the circular focus point in the center of the work. As we observe the indirect lines that are to the left of the darker void we can also see shapes inching upwards from the bottom of the work.
Abstraction rooted in the canvas space with red oils highlights the rectangular shapes that are interlocked by clean lines. The delicate maroons are a perfect anchor for the pastel mint square which is the emphasis or focus point in the middle of this work. The repetition of the square in varying sizes with overlapping color detail is a graceful embodiment of animation and activity in this work.
Credits: All media
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