Madrigal _ Inspirations

The medium used in this Artwork is pencils and it has a scheme of shades that all have black in common.
The medium used here is oil paint and the painting shows different use of colors and texture to give it a realistic look.
The water colors use in the painting show an old time age building with a dark style as if it was the center of the town due to its location on the paper, where it's centered.
The oil painting shows an era of elegance from the late 1800s where almost the whole town has gathered in a bright day as we can see by the light, bright colors used.
The dark color tones give the setting a very realistic view and the composition of how the lake narrows into the background gives this painting a very open feeling.
The dark colors on the outside edge of the wall and the warmer colors in the middle before the hole give this painting a setting in which a flashlight is shined upon it.
the oil painting and the use of shade on the gowns and legs gives the painting a more define look.
The pattern used here which appears to be random but radial towards the middle symbol give this bowl a very cool vibe.
There is use of overlap and the location of the statue compare to the painting in the back makes it appear big.
The use of spray paint and symmetry only on the purple paint make this art work interesting with a lot of overlap in the leaves.
The architecture placed in the center is symmetric if cut straight down the middle and the composition of the building in the background makes the art work seem big.
The use of overlap and the fade of white give the art work a realistic look to it. I like the way it tells a very ironic story. Graffiti being power washed by a man created with spray paint.
The use of overlap and the composition of the skeletons gives this painting a lot of depth into the background.
The focal point is emphasized with the brighter color of white and it gives the art work depth and overlap.
The painting gives a feeling of emptiness the way the bath is located so far from the lady makes this room look huge.
The use of darker tones and the way the bodies overlap around the focal point which is the blind man, really give the painting a dark feeling.
This painting is quite interesting as there is no foreground instead the only thing that appears huge is the head and it has a lot of overlap making it look a bit crowded.
The painting is asymmetrical and the use of colors goes with the mans face. I would use the same colors in a sad setting.
The use of pattern and tones make this art look calm, it is a rotating pattern but there is a few uses of lines.
The ink used in this has different shades making it appear with light in some places and darker in others, there is also use of overlap.
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