By: Abby Oscovitch

This is an early 20th century picture of The Water Parterres in the Versailles garden. The Versailles garden has many pieces of art spread throughout the garden, including the Water Parterres.
This is a picture of the apartments at Versailles, circa 1990. Over 10,000 people lived in Versailles, and they all either worked for King Louis XIV or were his enemies that he chose to keep close.
This is a picture of the Colonnade Grove, and taken around 1900-1930. This is located in the Versailles garden, with arches in a circle around it.
The Panoramic view of Versailles was painted in either Kingston, New York, or New York City. It was originally supposed to be placed in Rotunda. The art didn't end up doing as good as the artist hoped it would, and toured with it until his death.
This picture shows the Queen of England's bedroom at the Grand Trianon,while it was being restored in the years 1963-1966. It was most likely being restored for use or showing off.
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