The Element of lines

This gallery explores the different lines that are used in various works to direct the eye, define shapes, establish boundaries and illustrate movement. 

The diagonal lines of the carpet direct the eye to either side of each gentleman. The horizontal line created by the surface of the table, direct the gaze from left to right, across each human subject.
The combination of curved lines on the wall, contrasted by the straight lines of the frames creates dysfunction and an essence of crowding.
The adherence to straight, structural lines further solidifies the essence of order and harmony that is expressed by the theme of the work. The grid like lines are easy to follow.
The vertical straight line of the tree, along with the diagonal line of the branch, frame the woman as the main subject of the piece. The curved lines under and around the woman, further focus the gaze.
The contour outline of the man's face, jawline and shoulders, define the volume and space of the subject. Short, thin lines are used to create the appearance of fine hair.
The diagonal line of the man made bridge, paired with the vertical lines of the natural plants direct the eye down the bridge and up to the center of the pond. Wavy and curved lines define the pond.
The diagonal line in the forefront of the image shows direction down toward the central building. The straight, vertical lines of the structure direct the gaze skyward. Two meeting planes provide dimension.
The thick lines of the archways combined with the thin lines in the background provide variation. The arches frame the background, while the straight lines direct the gaze through the arches and down the path.
This image uses surface contour lines and contour outlines to define the volume in space and the edges of the woman.
The diagonal implied line from the mans raised arms on the left direct the gaze to the main subject and is met by another diagonal line leading directly to the subject. The use of multiple diagonal lines creates a sense of movement.
Credits: All media
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