The Byzit exibit

This is a collection of art that I feel resembles or relates to art used in the Byzantine middle age era. All these pieces relate to the Byzantine Empire or the influences passed down by this era. Many of the focuses are mosaics and ceramics and currency. 

I like this piece because it reminds me of U.S. currency and how putting faces on coins was used long ago.
I like this piece because looking at it far away it seems like a normal painting, but a closer analysis reveals all the small mosaic tiles.
I like this because I imagine everyone in that era eating dinner on home made and intricate plates and tiles like these.
I find this mosaic especially interesting because you can only see evidence of tiles after looking at it very closely. Yet the evidence of Greek and Roman culture is easily depicted.
This mosaic is interesting because it involves more arabic influences like the language and the arch.
I like this piece because it reminds me of a painting. The simple but realistic view makes the mosaic much more impressive.
I included this photograph because it shows the great architecture used by the christians in that time.
I included this because it reminds me that christianity was first made legal in the Byzantium Empire.
I like this piece of art because during the Byzantine era, christianity created and used many icons such as The Nativity.
I chose this as my final piece in my exhibit because it is another depiction of christian art. More especially the end of the world, just as it is the end of my exhibit.
Credits: All media
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