Natural kulur

Jeffrey Knight. The theme of this gallery is nature and color. Its interesting to see the way nature affects artists and to get a glimpse of what others see.

I chose this image because I like the color scheme. This piece creates a gentle comforting feeling. I can feel the suns rays as it is setting just by viewing this image.
I like this piece because there is a lot going on and a lot of detail. I like all the different shades of green and brown. What also interests me is the clash of civilization and nature. Do they have a symbolic relationship or parasitic relationship. You decide
I chose this piece because of its mellow tone. Even though this painting isn't very vibrant it still mirrors nature presence of pain and endurance.
I chose this image because of the location depicted. The sea. the open ocean is mother natures harshest environment and is the most unpredictable place on earth. The battle taking place is a small representation of this.
I like this piece because at first glance it looks like it was inspire by the game skyrim. Which has some of the most beautiful outdoor scenes and free roam locations. This painting truly shows the relevance of nature, and living things to ourselves and or own lives, where the connection could be simply overlooked.
I chose this piece because at first i didn't understand it. It just looks interesting. Due to the fact of contrast, at the first glance all you see is what looks like a lifeless tree with no leaves. Upon a closer look you notice the light pink color to the cherry blossoms.
I like the use of negative space in this piece that draws your attention to the center where the all the life starts, with water. The river valley portrayed in this piece would have been the basis of life at the beginning of primary civilization.
I like this piece because of its simplicity indesign, Theres a foreground and a back ground. Simplicity, not to be confused with a lack of effort or skill, is used to get the this message across. There is a progressive contrast in color, the people up from are cloaked in white robes and as you go backwards into the back ground the colors start to get darker and darker.
Credits: All media
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