Lines creating form and Movement

Within a lot of pieces of art line is used to create an overall sense of form through usage of either thinner or thicker lines. Also, through curving or straitening out lines it is possible to get a sense of movement from a piece.

This piece shows great movement in the sky due to how there are curved, thick lines that almost make it seem like there is wind. The grass is formed completely through curved lines, color variation and color help to make it seem like it has a real form.
Within Anxiety all of the shapes and forms are created through curving lines, specifically it helps to form the hats worn. Also, the usage of curving lines within the sky helps to create a sense of movement.
Within this piece the curved lines are helping to create an overall sense of form. Also, through changing line colors the form is made much more interesting. The sky looks once again like it's moving due to the usage of curved lines.
Within starry night, curved lines help to make the sky look like there is gusts of winds pushing clouds and stars through it. Also, thinner lines are used to separate the foreground from the background where the lines are much more thick.
This piece in particular has a heavy amount of lines. The thinner lines are for the most part used to separate the foreground from the background. Also, curving lines that change in their thickness help to create a sense of movement in the waves.
This piece has quite a bit of movement in the sky that it shown through curved lines that vary in thickness. Also, the grass is given its shape through the somewhat thick outline it has around it. The grass also is slightly curved, which makes it look like it is being blown by the wind.
This stunning piece is made mostly through lines, which all vary in thickness. The usage of curved lines and shapes help to create facial features and also the curved, morphed fallen angels
Within this piece the separation between the foreground and background is made by this thin black line to help create the form of the waves. Also, there are curved lines within the waves themselves that help to make it seem like the waves are moving.
This piece is comprised completely of lines. In order to make this piece in the first place the artist used lines in different colors but also overlapped them quite a bit to make the form. Also, through curving these said lines in certain direction she made certain features such as the face.
Within this piece thick and thin brushstrokes of varying opacity are used to create a horse. Through using curved lines to create the mane and tail it appears as if the horse is moving. Also, the thin lines help to accentuate areas on the horse where the opacity may not be enough to tell what part of the horse that stroke is.
This piece is made out of just black and blue, and the forms are made through simple black lines alone. The curved lines make the waves clearly look like they are moving and they are a real object. The lines on the bird help to shape the feathers on the bird and other important details.
Within this one the waves are made completely using a long, thin white line that has curves and there are thinner lines placed at certain points to make it look like these said waves are moving and have a good form.
Within this piece the waves are formed using both curved and strait lines, which both help to make it seem as if the water is moving. Also, the usage of different color lines help to create a sense of contrast.
Within this piece there are a multitude of lines that help to create textures and patterns. Lines that vary in distance help to create a greater sense of variety in both the foreground and background.
Within this piece lines are used much more subtly than in the others. The lines can be seen within the sky where lines are used in different colors to create the form and also make it look like the clouds are moving in a certain direction based on where the lines are going. The water also has some more subtle line variations to add movement and form.
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