Greek art

by Samantha Vance

This silver piece was used As a drinking cup and a wine pourer. The bottom part is the head of a griffin. Wine flowed through a pair of holes in the griffins chest. This piece of art was used mostly during the Achaemenid period.
In this photo, a griffin is mauling Arimasp. Arimasp is a tribe of people that only have one eye. The griffin is tearing the body apart. Griffins lived far from civilization where they protected gold. These two species were in fighting all the time because the arimasp were always trying to steal their gold.
This is a sculpture of a type of athenian grave monument. The life-size image of family members were shown in a well practiced form. It is an idealized man from the 4th and 5th century. It shows the emotion of the figure.
This strap has scenes from greek mythology drawn into the strip of bronze. On the top is shows Menelaos getting his wife back after the trojan war. On the right it shows the goddess Athena’s name next to her. On the bottom is shows Nessos abducting Deianeira. This comes from the inside of a shield.
This horn is a lion’s head and body leaping out of the curved parthian silver rhyton. By looking at the piece you can tell the the owner was wealthy. The lion was a symbol of nobility and courage. Wine was pouring into through the top of the vessel and came out between the lions legs.
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