Summer Blues

I decided to use this opportunity to create a gallery of several artworks in which the main color of each piece includes various shades of blue. From artists such as Vincent Van Gogh to Auguste Renoir, I was able to discover artworks that focused on this particular color throughout the piece.

I liked the various shades of blue that Renoir decided to create throughout most of the paitning. He integrated these values of blues through the attire of each individual . Even the surface in which the people are dancing has a light blue color.
This piece of work relates to my theme because of the different values of blue that Van Gogh uses to create the mountains and the night sky. In addition, various tones of blue are integrated throughout the buildings that make up the town .
I chose this piece created by Frantisek Kupka because it includes various shades of blue within the top half portion of the piece. I also thought the geometrical shapes of the piece were pretty interesting as well.
I saw this artwork from a distance when I was looking at various pieces and was instantly drawn to it. I was quite fascinated by the vibrant blues that were used for the clothing of the woman holding baby Moses. I feel as though this bright blue is even more emphasized against the deep red and orange from the clothing of the other woman.
I wanted to include this painting with my gallery not only because it depicts such a fascinating portrayal of the ocean, but I also liked the different tones of blue included in the work. As we learned before in class it is easy to see the different strokes Van Gogh used to create this piece.
I was particularly interested in this piece for the fact that Monet seemed to combine the different values of blue with the dark purples and greens in order to bring the image to life. I like the transition Monet creates from the light colors present in the bottom of the piece that gradually turn into darker tones towards the top.
Credits: All media
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