Nature a La Van Gogh

Hello, my name is Lee Brown.  This art gallery is meant to show off all the remarkable scenes of nature that Van Gogh painted.  I chose to do this because my favorite works of art by Van Gogh are his paintings of scenes of Nature as well as nature is one of my favorite things about life.  If I could, I would spend every day with family or friends somewhere outdoors, such as a river, the mountains, or by the ocean.  I hope you enjoy.

This is a painting of a pear tree in blossom. Where I grew up in North Carolina we had a lot of these and I used to enjoy looking at them, although they do not smell the best. I thought he did an exceptional job on depicting the tree in bloom.
This is another painting Van Gogh did of blossoming trees. I am not sure what type of trees this orchard is supposed to be but it looks like cherry trees. That's one of the reasons I picked this picture because we had one of these in our front yard. I also liked how he did the background.
I really like how Van Gogh paints the sky. I picked a few of these because of this and this is one of the ones that I think has a well done sky. This also reminds me of some the rural areas I saw while I was in Europe. This could be Italy, Greece, or most likely France from the looks of it.
This painting was never finished, although most people could not tell jus like i could not until I read the description. This is a painting of the Seine river outside of Paris. Being from the Appalachian mountains, Rivers are my favorite places in nature.
This is another painting of an orchard. The tree in this painting is peach tree. The ground is covered in the flowers of peach trees and almost looks like snow on the ground. This is how my front yard used to look in the spring around the cherry tree is one reason I picked this one.
I had to include a painting of the ocean as the ocean is the largest part of nature. I really like the colors he used for the water. He captured the change of color when the waves rise up as well as the water farther out from the coast. I also really like the sky in this one as well.
This is another painting of the Seine. The reflections of the bank on top of the water were done really well and is very pretty. I like this painting of the the Seine river more than the previous. It might be due to the reason that the first one was not completed.
I chose this painting because of how abstract it is. The point of view in this painting is from an island. The colors used are very pretty and the painting was made with patches of color almost as if it was meant to be painted with misshapen polka dots. It is an interesting painting none the less.
I really like this painting of the undergrowth. My favorite time of the day, especially in the summertime, is the evening time when the sun setting, due to the shadows that are cast by the angle of the light. Looking through the trees towards the light and walking in the shadows of the trees is what this painting reminds me of.
Like I said before, the evening time is my favorite time of the day and Van Gogh did an amazing job capturing the lighting of this time of day. This painting is of a row of poplar trees in the evening time and what looks like autumn due to the color of the leaves. The poplars turned yellow in the autumn back home in the foothills of the Appalachians and I loved walking the dog that time of day and look at the sun through the different colored leaves.
I chose this painting for last because it is one of the most realistic looking. The foreground looks like most other Van Gogh paintings but the background looks very realistic. Especially if you take a step back from the painting and look at it then the foreground even looks more realistic as well. The only other painting with a realistic looking background in the museum I looked at is the painting of the ocean that I also put in this gallery. This is such a beautiful painting of this mountainous coastline in Monaco.
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