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Throughout the course we have read text and in the text the actions and ideas that are given through the readings are questionable.  Weather what the people  said or did was right or wrong.  Right in this context meaning was the action or statement was the correct one in that moment.  Wrong meaning was the idea of action by the person in the text the right action or was the idea a correctly formed one.  Throughout the text you can see the theme of right verse wrong being portrayed and this separation of the two help you better understand the text as a whole.  This separation can be seen in the picture and the captions; they give you the key points of each text.  The main ideas help you get the main idea of the readings, and whether they are on the right or wrong side of the theme.  This approach to each picture should give you an idea how each moment comes up in each text and how they should be looked at in the context.

the two heros in this story decide to start there friendship going into the forest and killing a semigod that was causing no harm to people, a selfish choice made. "said Gilgamesh to her, to [Ninsun:] 'I shall tread,] O Ninsun, bold as I am, the distant path to the home of humbaba, I shall face a battle I know not" (23)
a choice that had to be made the heros cut down the biggest tree as a gift to please the gods for what they done, showing great disrespect towards gods. "I will make a door of a redd-lenth's breadth, let it not have a pivot, let it travel in the door-jamb. Its side will be a cubit, a reed-lengh its breadth, let no stranger draw near it, let a god have love for it" (47)
the heros made the right choice here to kill the bull of heaven that was sent to kill them after Gilgamesh denied the godess of love. "Must you love me also and [deal with me] likewise' The goddess Ishtar [heard] these words, she [went up] to heaven in a furious rage. [Weeping] she went to Anu, her father, before Antu, her moter, her tears did flow (50).
society causes people to formation into what they think normal is. This can hurt people because they start to be afaid to express themself Detaching himself from his family becomes a task that faces every young person, and society often helps him in the solution of it by means of puberty and initiations rites.’ (50)
Freud states that society harms our ability to show or natural instincts this statement does not seem right people when people become educated their instict start to lessen ‘If civilization imposes such great sacrifices not only on man’s sexuality but on his aggressivity, we can understand better why it is hard for him to be happy in that civilization.’ (62)
Something that Freud says is right is that we form society to keep us safe from the wild and that people will eventually conform to it to help better their lives ‘What we call our civilization is largely responsible for our misery, and that we should be much happier if we gave it up and returned to primitive conditions. I call this contention astonishing because, in whatever way we may define the concept of civilization, it is a certain fact that all the things with which we seek to protect ourselves against the threats that emanate from the sources of suffering are part of that very civilization.’ (33)
in the left hand of darkness sex is not seen until they enter kemmer this is a problem because without sex people seem to be less filled with emotion. "The only thing that makes life possible is permanent, intolerable uncertainty: not knowing what comes next" (71).
one upside to not having sex in this story is war has yet to come to the nation without war nations can grow more in other ways "In kemmer all the time. . . . Is it a place of reward, then Or a place of punishment?" (183)
without seeing sex the nation does not see something wrong with family sexual relationships something that is looked as wrongly. “Sometimes you must go against the wheel's turn.”
Socrates was wrongly accused because false rumors were slowly spread about him that gave him a bad name for himself "Either I do not corrupt the young or, if I do, it is unwillingly," (Socrates)
though it might not seem just Socrates chose death, the path that he thought was the right one. Instead of not being aloud to teach more to the people. "Let us reflect in this way, too, that there is good hope that death is a blessing, for it is one of two things: either the dead are nothing and have no perception of anything, or it is, as we are told, a change and a relocation for the soul from here to another place." (Socrates)
sir robert chiltern gained his wealth from illegally investing into the canal before it was made public by the government. This seems to be the wrong choice after being blackmailed lady chiltern. You sold a Cabinet secret for money! You began your life with fraud! You built up your career on dishonour! Oh, tell me it is not true! Lie to me! Lie to me! Tell me it is not true! sir robert chiltern. What this woman said is quite true. But, Gertrude, listen to me. You don’t realise how I was tempted. Let me tell you the whole thing. [Goes towards her.](act 2)
going to try to get her way wrongly Mrs. Cheveley comes to town to blackmail sir Robert to get a project widely considered by the government mrs. cheveley. My worst? I have not yet finished with you, with either of you. I give you both till to-morrow at noon. If by then you don’t do what I bid you to do, the whole world shall know the origin of Robert Chiltern. (act 2)
this is repersenting the balance the world needs in order for there to be peace in the world. This balance is seen most in nature These two come forth in unity but diverge in name. Their unity is known as an enigma. Within this enigma is yet a deeper enigma. The gate of all mysteries! (2)
desire in this book is as the wrong choice so in order to get close to happiness you most let go of your desires Nameless, it is the beginning of the Heaven and Earth; Named, it is the mother of the myraid creatures. And so, Always eliminate desires in order to observe its mysteries; Always have desires in order to observe its manifestations (1).
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