American History

A walk to Freedom: By David Hutton. This gallery shows history of northern American slow walk to Freedom. I want to mainly focus on the some major history moments from beginning America, to current times.  Also included are some pieces I found interesting.

This helmet was found after the end of World War II and depicts to me the hard times the soldiers had to endure. The color shows that this helmet endured some weather and some coagulated mud.
This picture displays the United States of America and the certain "states" involved at that time. This is definitely interesting piece of art.
This piece of art displays the Fugitive Slave law Convention, which is a great way of showing the different types of races can come together even though they were slaves/masters.
As we all know, the bald eagle is the country's bird. Its protected, but the art in this picture is spot on to what a bald eagle actually looks like. The weight of the colors and the lines are great.
My favorite president in U.S history, Abraham Lincoln. This picture (obviously a picture taken), is a great representation to the leadership that Lincoln brought to this country.
A picture of the American flag, but I enjoy this one because it is a black and white picture of the flag in one of the up and coming stores in New York City.
This was definitely an interesting picture. Not quite sure who is shown on the building, but it is a great artistic feat on the side of the building. The color and weight and shows pre-3d picture-ability
This picture is a beautiful representation of our countryside. The color and the lines, and the weight of the sun is beautiful. Visitors around the world are known to come to these places.
This picture depicts the tomb of the unknown comrades. Known today as the Tomb of the unknown soldier. The lines in this picture and the limited color bring the unknown comrade grave more to life.
This advertisement in supporting the war, shows great color and lines and weight. Great way of showing how they supported the war then and how we should do it now.
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