Too Much Power in the Wrong Hands

Having too much power can mean a lot of different things too many different people. All the authors of these very different books tied the same main theme into their books. They explained how giving too much power to a group of people, or a single person can be fatal for not only that person but for the others around them. They each described power in different ways, from the power of an entire society to the power of a computer generated game, showing how power affected them in their lives and how much it means to them. How they expressed power is how they feel about it in real life.

Felix Hoenikker, "father of the atomic bomb" (7 Vonnegut), left unchecked in his lab developed Ice Nine, which almost ended the world.
In Utopia, they know what too much power can do to a society, so they give power to no one and everyone is thought of as equal. "Every man has a right to everything" (176 More).
L. Bob Rife got greedy with his power, and developed Snow Crash too "burn all the hackers minds" (7685 Stephenson).
Elihu Willsson, "had owned Personville, heart, soul, skin and guts" (Hammet 131), hired thugs to help him with a minor's strike, however these thugs ended up with all the power, and took over the entire city.
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