Mia's Gallery

By: Mia Lacny

Proportion is how this picture is showing that all the parts are either bigger or smaller than what someone might think.
Movement in this picture is the rain as you can see it falling and everything looks wet from the rain and you can see puddles in the streets from everything.
Emphasis is in this picture because the picture looks very real and like the city that you could go to now so it stands out well.
Variety is in this picture because the artist used all different kinds of ways to make it so you can tell that there was some kind of explosion that happened.
Contrast in this picture is the women because when you look at the picture she is the first thing that you see because she pops out the most.
Unity in the picture by the water is that when you go to the ocean or any water type of place you would possibly see water and trees or even rocks so everything goes together very well.
Balance in this picture is that everything is very evened out on both sizes of the room from the ceiling to the floor it is all even.
Repetition is all the patterns that are on this clothing of some type and that the patterns are repeating each time.
Credits: All media
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