Smoke in different contexts

This Pahari painting (a form of Indian painting) depicts a king smoking hookah. This form of painting originated in the Himalayan region of northern India. Kings lived lavishly. This is art because it is a painting.
This painting depicts a woman dressed in Indian clothing as she sits behind what seems to be steam and smoke. Steam and smoke hits a chord in a lot of Indians as it can represent motherly love. This is art because it is a portrait.
A black and white of three female recruits smoking, this picture appealed to me because it is unconventional, even in today's day, to see a group of women standing in a circle and smoking and chatting. This is art and craft because it is a picture depicting people about to practice a craft.
The Ekari people are indigenous people who live on the remote island of New Guinea in Indonesia. I liked this picture because this man seems to be enjoying his smoke, through a peculiar smoking device. This is craft because that nose pipe was made by the Ekari.
Japanese art looks very cool to me. I also like samurais. In today's age, very few uphold the honor code of samurai in Japan, and among those are sumo wrestlers. This wrestler is battling with smoke. This is art, because it is a Japanese painting.
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