Powerful images of women (greg ammon)

These images have for various different reasons caught my eye. I have always had a positive influence in my life by strong women and this is a tribute to them.

This is a photograph of activist Angela Davis that shows the seriousness of a women standing up for her civil rights with true emotion. By using black and white film, the color scheme gives this the audience a more powerful image pulling the viewer in and capturing their attention.
The Pensive Athena depicts the goddess Athena resting her head on the tip of a spear either in mourning or resting. The texture of this piece is what jumped out at me. This relief was carved out of stone allowing someone to actually feel the art get a better feeling of what the artist is trying to convey to the audience.
I was drawn to this piece because of the detail in the sculpture and the shear fact that it's the Virgin Mary. It jumped out at me the first time I saw the look on her face and the lack of arms. She seams to be at peace with the fact that part of her arms are missing. It is plainly obvious that the artist took his time and cared for this piece.
I was taken in by the use of color and shading on this painting. If you take a hard look at the bed area you can see extra people lying in or around the bed. Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres uses the shadows to hide these people. This dark area makes the women with her back to the bed stand out with the lighter colors drawing your attention.
Mary with the Child is an amazing piece. The pattern the artist uses to show Mary and her baby hovering above the two men gives the impression of a three dimensional picture. The light colors from the sky draws the viewers attention from the men at the bottom to Mary in the clouds.
I have always admired the recruiting posters. They were designed to capture a persons attention and imagination. The color combination used on this poster is eye catching and the use of a women in uniform was done to bring in young men for service to the country.
To me this piece shows a women siting high on a chair above what are possibly her servants or maybe children. Her body language is that of a person that is either bored or possibly asleep. In the time this piece represents, women were not encouraged to be educated. This detail in this piece is awesome and extremely detailed giving a sense that this piece meant something to the artist.
Of all the pieces in this gallery this one is the one I was most intrigued by. Seeing this women sitting in the dark staring at what looks like a plaster rendering of someone's face possibly her deceased husband is heart breaking. By not using any other colors besides black and white gives the viewer a real sense of the sadness the women is feeling. I think anyone who has ever lost a loved one can relate to this picture.
This is a depiction of a native american mother carrying a child on her back during a journey. It seems she is going to some kind of a ceremony and is dressed in her finest cloths. The bright colors used in her clothing grabs the attention of the viewer and the smile on her face really makes you take an interest in her story and her life.
This piece is showing Lady Chad dressed in expansive sleeved dress that was commonly referred to as British casual style. She also has a golden sash tied around her waist. The oil painting is showing her in the basic pose of the era. The Artist style has her with extremely pail skin with was achieved on the real person by applying powder with a cloth to make them look lighter complected.
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