Human Figures Early

Greece, c 700bc
Cyprus, 1200 BCE or earlier
Egypt, ~1300 BCE
Statuette of a Female Acrobat ca. 1938-1630 B.C.E. Egypt
~3000 BCE or ealier
Egypt, ~5000 BCE or earlier
Etgypt, doll, 1600 BCE or ealier
Egypt, Princess Sobeknakht Suckling a Prince ca. 1700-after 1630 B.C.E.
Egypt, Steatopygous Female ca. 1630-1539 B.C.E. One terracotta figurine of a steatopygous woman with "hammer-head", . Dot holes in groups represent tatooing
Phoenician, ivory,, ca. 8th century B.C.
Olmec, "Baby" Figure 12th–9th century BCE
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