The Bill of Rights 

By Aishwarya Rane   

Amendment #1: This picture depicts one of the basic freedoms that congress respects (freedom of speech).The basic freedoms also includes freedom of press and free practice of religion.Before this amendment was made a person who disliked the religion someone else was practicing could be forced to practice a different religion.
Amendment #2: This picture shows that the people of america have the right to be responsible for defense arms in order to protect themselves and our nation.This amendment was made to protect the americans if any soldiers were to attack them
Amendment #3:Before this amendment was made british soldiers had the permission to enter a persons home.After this amendment was made people had the right to not allow a soldier enter their home. For an example, this picture depicts a soldier outside a home wounded by this amendment he does not have the right to enter a persons home .
Amendment #4:This amendment explains that government officials cannot search property or take belongings of citizens.As shown in this picture the men in blue are shown as some type of government officials standing outside a man's home .Most likely with the permission of entering his home.
Amendment #5:This amendment covers the rights that citizens accused of crime have.For an example, in this picture a person is being arrested by the police.According to the bill of rights , this person has certain basic rights such as not being on trial twice for the same crime,being forced to testify against themselves and have punishments unless through certain legal actions .
Amendment #6:This picture is showing someone on trial accused of a crime.For an example,if this person was put on trial accidentally/or because they were thought to be someone else they would be able to prove their innocence and have the right to get a lawyer and question the witness.
Amendment#8:This picture shows a punishment that a criminal is having .This amendment was made so that ones accused for crime do not have harsh punishment.By this amendment if a person gets a punishment to harsh it will be called unconstitutional.For an example,if a criminal were to be beat to death for a punishment it would be considered unconstitutional.
Amendment #7: This picture is depicting about a acres of land.In america if the person who owned the property worth over $20 and wanted to place a case,they would automatically get a jury trial.
Amendment #9:This photo is shows the government to respecting people.This amendment states that there are rights that are not written in the constitution but are still protected.
Amendment #10:This picture shows how there is an agreement of the 10th amendment says that the power not specifically stated by the constitution is held by the states.
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