Medieval Daily Life

Shooting the popinjay, fire breathing dragon cart, jousting, merchant booths, raised stage, forked pennant, dancing, wrestling, sword dance, ball paddle & hoop game, covered wagon, swing,
Violin, Crossbow, cards, shears, handled lantern, pouches, beehive oven, leather knife,
Creating garden berms wi special tool, skeps, shearing, nobles in background, birdery?
Knucklebones, dolls, helicopter toy, hobby horse, hoops, stilts, bowling, blind man bluff, ball games, whipping tops, streamers, scopperels, leapfrog, "Horseback"/piggyback combat,
Period Stage & Performance, Tinned Caldron, Pennants, Carried Flags. Drumming a company of crossbows
Tinned Caldrons, turmed 3 legged stool, tusked tenoned three legged round edged table, modern style 4 legged chair, carrots & parsnips, cucumbers, lemons?
Carpentry Tools, candlestick, decorated vase, pouchs, tiled floor, door lock & key, towel holder, brass caldron, shutters
Dog Collar, Hair and jewelry, tiled floor,
Shaved Dog
Dog, Boots. Pouches, sword and buckler, hats, halberd,
Lute, Harp
Amazing Floor TIles or Floor CLoth?
Hats, Lots of Hats!
table, tunic, glass bumper
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