The Biggest and Greatest of the Renaissance.

Donovann Jackson   Nick Hill

This sculpture shows the skill of the sculptor and the complexity of his body
The color and lighting of this picture showed how the region looked. The tone of her skin makes the painting look realistic.
This picture shows the clothes and the hair style of the Renaisance. This picture also gave us a visual image of the scenery.
This shows the realism of their hands. Around 1508 the painter was able to use the way the hands looked like and put it in the painting
This picture shows the beard's of the Renaisance. This painting also shows the texture of his face and bones.
The sculpture shows people in 3d. It also puts focus on his biceps and other muscles.
The painting shows the way the cities look like. It also shows the way people acted in that time period.
This outstanding painting shows what they feared. It shows what the demons that people have when they sin.
This shows the way animals looked like. It shows knights fighting dragons(heroism).
This painting shows bone,skin and body structure. It also shows that they knew how to explain the complexity of the body.
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