Grafitti: Vibrant Concrete Expressions is a gallery of unique, vivid artworks of graffiti that were created by various artists, showcasing ineffable, distinctive images. Graffiti is written, or drawn artwork that is displayed on a public surface. The set of colorful graphics were created from one's artistic point of view, expressing the artist's thoughts. 

Refresh Ink's Experience is a vibrant image of an artist on a ladder creating a vivid, large drawing of a green, and black ape.The artist has created Experience using a value of two hues of neon green contrasting with black, capturing a viewer's attention. The texture of Experience looks to be smooth.
Nerf's Untitled is a captivating drawing that consists of bubble-like multicolored, squared three-dimensional shapes against a starry background. The three-dimensional shapes vary in colors from white, periwinkle blue, seafood green, hot pink, forest green, and tan. The starry background's colors vary from black, purple, green, and blue. Even though, there is a large set of shapes, there is still movement.
Minhau's Untitled is a drawing of various, and distinctive cats against a blue background. The largest cat is burnt orange with blue eyelids wearing a purple, and white backwards cap. The other cats have their own different characteristics, and range from many hues like purple, greens, blues, and pink. With so many concepts in Untitled, there is still a balance, and movement.
Daniel Melim's Untitled is a panorama-type drawing showcasing a series of different images. In most of the series, there are drawings of one, or two people in vibrant colors. In the first series, a black, and white woman is holding her head, and wearing a shocked, or frightened expression against a red vibrant background. The texture of the drawings appear to resemble smooth plastic. Untitled uses contrast, and balance.
Chivit's Untitled is a large, unique drawing of a pale character in green, red, and dark colored clothing holding a boombox stereo, and a turquoise skateboard against soft yellow. The artist used lots of contrast in each separate part of the drawing. The artist also added different, odd shapes to create the different parts.
Binho Ribeiro's Untitled is a large drawing of a multicolored snail against a blue background. The snail is blue with red eyes, and its shell is a combination of yellow, white, purple, and red. The background is blue with a darker shade of various blue diamond shapes. The artist used contrast in the background of blue. The artist's use of colors created movement within the drawing.
Icy and Sot's 7.28.13 is a vibrant, large drawing of a black, and white man holding a rainbow colored can of graffiti spraying out clouds of paint in the rainbow colored form. The artist used contrast when the rainbow colors were added against the black, and white. 7.28.13 has a sense of balance, and emphasis.
Untitled created by Etam Cru is a unique drawing. Etam Cru painted a large image on one building. The first drawing is half of a blue haired woman wearing red, yellow, and blue wearing circular earring. On the other building, there is a drawing of a bald man wearing a green, and yellow parka and purple, orange, and pink sweater, and scar of a large, blue elephant, and a red ballon floating in the air. Eta Cru created this drawing with movement, capturing attention.
Highraff's Untitled is a vibrant drawing showcasing a series of drawings. The background is coral with orange, purple, and red curve-like lines. One series consists of a three-dimensional like green pyramids. Another series show cream colored swirls. Untitled is full of various series yet is not overwhelming, and allows movement.
Ignaz's Desconocidos a vivid three-dimensional type drawing. The drawing shows a person's brown hair, and arm writing with a green pencil on white paper on top of a orange like surface surrounded by pencil shavings, and a pencil box. The next series of the drawing shows brown blocks coming a part against a blue, and white sky, and a purple butterfly.
Credits: All media
This user gallery has been created by an independent third party and may not always represent the views of the institutions, listed below, who have supplied the content.
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