Desperation and Hope

These paintings describe the emotions and changes of people who give up when faced with hardships and people who grow stronger from them. 

Desperation When a person goes through hardships, they seem never ending. In time, they start to feel as though their actions won't matter so there is nothing holding them back anymore. In Elie Wiesel's Night, a lot of people gave in to that desperation and it transformed them into something dark, unrecognizable, and dangerous.
Hope It's important to always find the bright side of a dark situation and to be optimistic about it. When hope is given to a large group of people, it inspires solidarity and happiness. Their worries fade away and their determination to stay resolute grows stronger. In Night, they had hope, even if it was diminished, it didn't disappear completely. As long as the Jews had hope that they would be saved, they tried their best to survive.
Credits: All media
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