Texture Brings Life to art

This piece shows the emotion on the face threw the textures of the lines and wrinkles on the statue. It also gives it a factor of uglines that makes you go do a double take.
You can see the ripples in the water making look like it is moving and see the little lights of the refelction. When looking up you can see the lighting of the mountain representing its further a way.
The white of the waves smashing off the rocks shows the impact and then the little cracks and color used on the the rocks shows they are jagged and some of them look wet.
It looks as if there are vines or roots growing on the rims into the center of the it. Then they look like they would look rough if they are not if you were to touch it.
This image has multiples textures. You can see the rivets of the head of the mushroom humanoid and then falling off the cliff and textures of a rock.
The way they cut the newspaper makes it have pop out texture and it even looks like shading when really its strips of paper.
It looks like your moving as if your being sucked in or back and forth.
The way it is painted it makes it look damp and cold.
The way the temple is painted looks as if it was carved and the way the people are painted you can tell they are transparent or ghost.
The vines and roots look rugged and sharp because of the points then you can see the tunics are fur or raggedy cloths.
You can see the flow of the ocean and the reflection of the sun as it sets.
You can see the little details in the flowers shaping them and leaves. Then you have the baby bird with its ruffles. I like the how the spider web looks thin and you can tell its sticky.
You can see the little details on the windows and upon the baloney. Then you see the how the colors that the building is made rough like stones and cement.
The furry on the goats is showing in the way its textured and the thick forest is displayed beautifuly by how the did the leaves and branches.
The bark...The bark looks like it would in real life on a birch tree. Then you have the tiny shrubs and dry or dying grass.
Credits: All media
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