Texture to show more perception

This gallery is used to show how artists will use textures and other means of shaping a piece of work to show perception of what a person could be wearing or the shape of something.

This was the first piece I chose and the one to decipher which art principle I was going to choose. The texture on the sides of his head indicate hair, and the smoother textured white pain indicates skin. I chose this piece because I thought it was a good example to start with. It's of ancient quality and goes to show that even back then they had perception that things are different in nature with how things look and feel.
I chose this piece because, again, the artist knew that hair is different in nature than skin so she uses different styles to create the effect. As well as the clothes.
I chose this piece because I absolutely love the design that goes with the texture. It goes from bump, smooth, bumpy again. It kind of reminds me of a whistle, it could have been used as a bell for pets back then that they could have wrapped around their necks. It's using textures we use now and textures they used then that makes it interesting to try to figure out. 
I chose this piece because the artist has consistent texture throughout the body, but with his jewelry and head dress he uses a different approach and different style. Not only does he use different texture, he uses a different material.
The thing I love about ancient pieces is that they all use the same principles we use today. With this one it's very simplistic, but I chose it because I like the use of the buttons texture, the bracers, and headdress.
I chose this piece purely because of the rope used here. It's a huge contrast and really stood out to me. It really popped out from everything else.
This piece was chosen because I like the way the artist decided to showcase the maize. It's different from everyday corn that we eat today and he used the texture well by making it distiguishible from corn. I looked at it and took a second look, and without looking at the title I knew it was some type of different corn.
This piece was chosen kind of based on the next piece in the line up. I love the headdress and the use of smooth textures in the eyes and face. It gives a creepy feel to the head.
This piece was chosen for obvious reasons. The shirt and headdress is a huge standout for the piece. This texture could have been used to symbolize royalty
I chose this piece because this was an amazing use of texture in the crown and the beads drapping from his gown. I would actually buy this piece if it was for sale.
I chose this piece because of the rocky textures used by the artist. Along with the texture in the hair and the minotaurs horns. Its a stunning contrast.
I chose this piece because of the contrasted texture. I love the cloth feel around the piece of tree or weed or something. It gives it a fossil in the dirt feel.
I chose this piece because it was an amazing use of texture to show a human figure. It is nothing but texture and an amazing addition to the gallery.
I chose this piece purely based on the clothing textures along with the hair. It shows great contrast against the flat back round,
This piece was chosen because of the texture in what I assume is a globe. The artist was well aware that the Earth is not a totally flat surface and used a great deal of texture to show the planets roughness.
This last colorful piece was chosen because I didn't actually know what it was. To me it looks like a fish and the tiles used just bring the piece together in a way I haven't really seen with textures.
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