Sitting Boy

The Sitting Boy created by Swoon Kolodny in Little Tokyo, Downtown Los Angeles, California on April 8, 2013. The medium of Sitting Boy is a stencil, aerosol, and spray paint. The message of the artwork, I feel, is made to show that the less wealthy sit on the corners just like this little boy. This boy appears to not be dresses in the best clothing that would be for a child. The boy looks sad, skinny, and like no one takes care of him. I feel this is how society looks at kids who are like this. Swoon Kolodny's work shows that is looks like he is alone and not taken care of because of Little Tokyo. The building is falling apart and it just looks sad and dull. How the boy is dressed also shows that. In 2013, the whole racist fights and protest where happening. In this time it is very sad to see a little boy not dresses right and very skinny. In real life we don't notice to people who need help because we are to worried about ourselves. Swoon Kolodny mad this painting to show how others are less wealthy and we over all are blinded to others in society. 

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