Christina Shape gallery 

In this Reberto Matta peace it shows many non objective shapes. Non objective shapes are shapes created without direct reference to reality.
This peace by Kim Juyeon shows low definition in the black figure. Low definition is when something is not clear in the picture.
This peace shows both positive shapes and negative shapes. The positive shapes in this picture would be the black weiting and the negative shapes in this picture are the colors because they are not popping out at you.
Starry Night by Van Gogh shows curvilinear shapes. The curvilinear shapes in this painting would be the stars flowing though the sky. Curvilinear shapes are curves flowing shapes.
Sunflowers by Van gogh show organic shapes.The organic shapes in this picture are the flowers because they are found in nature.
This peace by Carmelo Arden Quin shows geometric shape. The geometric shapes in this picture would be the circles because they have mathematically consistent curves.
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