The beauty in the  Unknown

This gallery is based on mythology and religion. There is beauty hidden between what we can't comprehend and others believe in. The art presented here awakens the need to closely inspect other views, in order to expand the beliefs they have themselves.

The head of a god, who is speculated to be Zeus, represents the mightiest of gods and the top in the "food chain". This god is known as the leader, it's a great start to this gallery.
In the Mythological Era there was a lot of wealth and beliefs, this earring represents such statement. A god with creatures at its command, represent yet another belief we see as stories now.
This semi-god is known as son of Zeus and warrior to be reckon with... This art gives the collection strength, power and valor.
This statues marks an adventure. This event is well known in the great stories of the past. It is a great addition to the wonderful mysteries of this gallery.
Do not let Aphrodite fool you with her beauty. This goddess is so much more than just beauty. She represents the evil behind beauty and love in this gallery.
For centuries this ear has tried to mimic the great stories of the mythological greek. This art brings to the gallery the need to want to mimic the beauty in past tales.
Known as one of the fights that shape the mythological greek, this art is one of my favorite pieces. In this gallery it symbolizes never giving up and fighting the evil that hunts us.
There is no mythological Greek without heroes and gods. In every war a warrior must emerge in order to claim victory. This art is the symbol of every great quest that occurred in the past.
The power and valor behind Hercules is amazing. Without monsters and creatures, the mythological greek cannot exist. The Hydra is added to this gallery in order to demonstrate such statement.
Eve though "closer to our times", this scene brings religion to a new perspective. Angels and demons form part of every religion. This art brings similarities between all time to this gallery.
Credits: All media
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