in this piece, all the line are pointed to the center of the flower, to create the texture of the petals towards, the center the lines are closer together, and outwards the lines are more spread apart
All the line are horizontal, different sizes &all straight it seems like the artist used a ruler to make them all straight. When you look close you can see a lot more line then when you are zoomed out
The lines are all over the place, curved & straight. The lines are cross hatching to create areas darker, some areas are have move negative space then other places, the lines created detail of the art
The fountain lines are vertical, all the lines are imperfect they are not all straight. There is a difference in thickness of line between the branches of the tree in the backround and the water lines
the line are not straight they are curved, they seem to me that the lines are made with ink or pen, the line add detail to the artwork,the artist used darker line in some places to show shading
it seems like the median used for the line might be paint or oil, the line are all in different directions, but they are straight for the most part, there are lines creating the background,the clouds.
curvedjagged line for the strongerwaves by the boat,smoother line in the softerwaves and soft curved lines for the land on the side,what was used to created the line may have had a small tip fordetail
The line might have been created with a ruler,both vertical and horizontal lines,it looks like it is painted it have little imperfections of the lines up close,the artist used the lines to createspace
the line are straight, the lines create an illusion of space like it is falling down the hole, the median is like a paint, it created little imperfections by the lines
in this piece all the lines are pointed in different directions, some are curved more than others, the thickness change between the lines, the line seem to be pointed mostly to the center of the work
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