Cool colors 

my details on these. i liked the cool color pictures better 

i like this because it has a lot of details and it looks like the ocean
the 2 most powerfullest things that one would perfer to have in their life and they are both being stabbed. you can tell it has a lot of emotion to it
i like all the pictures in one picture it creates mystery and makes you think and looks real cool especially the main thing you look at is the eye in middle.
the main thing i love about this one is how it is glow in the dark and has many colors that are strong and really lets it pop.
so many people in the picture and they are all different with different styles.
i like how the theme of his is space but i like how cool it is that they have like a strange crown type of shit in the middle making you wonder about what it is exactly and wha its doing there.
i like the tiki thing because is in 3D and then the body isn't which makes i cool and pop out but i also like how they made that creepy fish a different color from the rest and so it could also pop out
i like how its like a type of eye but also its an ocean and the ways its going make the piranas move the same way
the details wit the bird are a it random but it makes you wonder and its like if it was a message. many details and deep colors.
i like how the pattern is free and is just all over the place but thats what makes it more precious
i like the view and the old like building with a pretty view
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