female Figures in Art

In this gallery you will see different artworks through the 1400i.e. starting from (1784- 1936)These artworks are compare and contrast with Egyptian style, as well as there differences in styles texture, and content the artwork of theses time periods have to show. These sculptures are all of female models and many are portraits of someone who might have been  alive during that period of time. Many of these sculptures where used for burial grounds. And because of its texture and art skills I choose each one for different reasons.

This work of art by Gottfried schadow seems to me to have a Greek style because Greeks were big on reveal sexual contents as well as the way the figure is standing up on a round slated pedestal.
Unlike Egyptian art this work is very realistic and an open sculpture, the way that the artist makes the rock style clothing look as if is really flowing and draping shows the big different of skill.
The glossy texture on this work is beautiful making the fact that this sculpture is very closed less noticeable, not many features of details are shown, which gives it a smooth feeling.
like Egyptian art this woman has a rock texture that is jet black and smooth she is an open sculpture with a very stylize body which seems to me too perfect in proportions.
like the woman, has same type of black stone,this figure is in a complex pose that is almost stylize by a sense of prefect proportions. I like this style of art because of the stone texture.
Just like the woman and the other 1912 art works it is made with that same stone this figure is really opened figured and shows a body that is more realist and not stylize with a hint of Greek style.
Unlike the figures before this girl is only half of a body make from a special stone her proportion are off and very stylize her eyes painted and at first look it is hard to tell if it is a female.
This figure was meant to be a grave marker her body is made out of a rock like texture stone, that gives the figure a almost red bronze look, it is somewhat a closed figure with some open spaces.
The girl of (1936) is a facial portrait and is made of wood its been carver into and shaped most of the detail lies on her face and hair, her pose is exaggerated.
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