a variety of thin, thick, light, dark, straight or curved lines

These lines make me feel happy and free because of the colorfulness and shapes. The lines are abstract. The thicker lines appear as though they are in the foreground; while the thin- background.
These lines make me feel tierd and calm because they are plain and simple. Some lines are darker than others making them stand out. Some are vertical and one is horizontal. Simple.
These lines make me feel sad because of the straightness and colors. Some lines are straight and bold and some are curled and have a lighter tone even though they are thick
The lines make me feel calm and collective because of the different, almost flower-like, shapes. Most of the lines are thin allowing more lines to fit on the page. It is a abstract.
These lines make me feel mad and "droopy" because of the lack of color. The edges of the rock like figures look jagged and rough because of the sharpness. There is no negative space. The art work is abstract.
These lines make me feel dark and sad. Not only because of the colors but because of the straightness. The lines are mainly going horizontal creating a figure. It looks like a mosaic in a church window.
These lines make me feel tired because of the lack of curves. All of the lines are going horizontal which makes the art work boring. It isn't very abstract. There is nothing too it.
These lines make me feel happy because of the variety of shapes and colors. There are some curled and twisted lines which add a more relaxed feeling. There is a very limited amount of negative space.
These lines make me feel neutral because they are look like roughly sketched circles. The lines are abstract and thin.
This artwork makes me feel mad because it looks like the artist just splattered paint on the canvas and let the paint run into their own lines. It is sort of abstract. There is a lot of negative space because the artwork is centered on the page.
Credits: All media
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