Greece and her people - IAN HARTIGAN

This Gallery covers the topic of Greece's history and how it shows the trials of their people and the heroic imagery they choose to believe in. 

This is a depiction of one of the many trials Hercules had to endure. Faced by a creature of incredible strength and cunning, Hercules manages to defeat the Hydra by decapitating several of its heads and crushing the final one with his mighty strength and a massive stone. This pertains to my Gallery because it speaks to the incredible heroic aspirations the Greek people had towards triumphing over task that would otherwise be seen as impossible. One of the details that really stand out is the color. Being very conservative but also highlighting the key points of the painting really show how even an ordinary individual could potentially achieve the greatest of feats.
This is a painting of the king of Sparta, Leonidas, that is moved by his daughters pled and tears that instead of sentencing his son-in-law to death. Banishes his would be usurp from their city state. This speaks highly of the trials of Greek life and how each city state, like Sparta, had their own challenges. This piece also goes along with the importance of color for this gallery. Darker colors towards the edges. Allows the center of the painting to come to life and really brings the drama to the front to be observed and contemplated.
This image is of the greek and roman heroes who's virtues and ideals are displayed. It also shows the Athenian king, Codron, who is told by an oracle that his death will allow for his people to be victorious in an approaching battle. The piece speaks to the willingness of Greek people to do what is best for their country man vs what is best of their own selfish reasons. One of the main things that pop out to me is the fluidity and movement the painting portrays.
This painting is of the son of King Croesus. He arrives to his fathers aid, even being deaf and mute to stop the Persians from murdering his father. This goes with the gallery because is speaks to the perseverance and loyalty the Greek people have for their loved ones. One of the biggest color. Dark and gloomy but with brighter colors where needed to depict the horror but also hope that the piece consist of.
This is a krater that was normally used for holding wine or water with a depiction of "a goddess with a diadem, holding a spear." This piece's colors allow for the story to be told with out any complexity in having multiple colors since this was difficult for the time.
This statue depict the Ptolemaic king winning over a group that he perceived weaker. This goes with the gallery because of how the greeks would focus on being the strongest and more dominate vs those that wish to do them harm or they saw as lessors. The element of movement is very apparent as it appears that the king is in the motion of taking down his opponent.
This vase, normally used to hold liquid like wine or water, has a depiction of herakles wrestling the dreaded triton. This again, shows how a mighty figure works to overcome a task thought to be to hard to accomplish but still feels the need to try and in the end, succeeds. The colors at work on this vase really help bring the painting out and almost makes it feel as though you are actually there. Observing the match taking place.
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