Gallery of lines: Carol Marín

This gallery was made to represent the different types of lines in various pieces of art from around the world.

This painting shows vertical lines. It displays them through its multiple columns. The columns show direction. Its mood is relaxing because of geometric order. The lines are simple and have structure.
This art piece shows horizontal direction. The waves flow horizontally. The waves show direction and movement. The mood is calm because of the waviness of the lines in the waves.
This painting shows diagonal direction. The angle of the trees show direction. The trees are tilted in a diagonal way. This shows that the artist used diagonal direction in his painting.
This drawing uses thick lines. The trees are made up of dark, thick lines. This creates an eerie mood because the lines are heavy. The thickness of the lines creates a dark mood.
This drawing uses thin lines. The drawing is very light and the lines are thin. The lightness creates a calm emotion. The tone is very relaxing.
The painting shows concentration. The closeness of the lines display a concentration of lines in the painting. The painting gives people an uneasy feeling. The disorder creates a sense of uneasiness.
The drawing uses sparse lines. It has a lot of space. The large amount of separation shows that it is sparse. The mood is dark yet peaceful because of the contrast between the dark and light lines.
This photograph uses focus. The barren background draws attention to the house. The complete focus on the house shows that the artist used focus. The dark lines that make up the house draw attention.
This painting uses curves. The shapes of the flowers show this. The curves show that the artist implemented curves in his art. The tone is calm because the curvy lines have playful connotations.
This painting uses texture. The trees are made up of many lines to create this. Also, the background is made up of small lines to create details. The artist implies texture through his lines.
This painting uses contour. The clear outline of the objects in the painting display contour. The lines around the objects show that Paul used contour. The mood is calm because of the playful lines.
This photograph uses actual lines. The clear outline of the trunk shows that Tania used actual lines. The line that creates to shape of the trunk shows actual lines. The outline creates a calm mood.
This painting uses implied lines. The huts' abstract outline is made of implied lines. Also, the shadows have blurred outlines. The artist used implied lines to create somewhat blurred shapes.
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