Henri matisse

An artist who was so heavily influenced by art from other cultures that he made a career out of it. 

Henri Matisse, Henri Matisse was born December 31, 1869 in Le Cateau-Cambresis, France. Henri Matisse went through many styles of art, as time went on Matisse changed his painting style to fit with the time period, the styles Matisse went through are Impressionism, Modernism, Modern art, Fauvism and Neo-Impressionism. The start of Matisse's real career came from being heavily influenced by art from other cultures. A frequently used theme in Matisse's paintings is people, he liked to paint people and that what he usually painted. Some preferred colors used in Matisse's paintings are violent colors such as red, brown and Orange. Finally what makes my artists work unique and identifiable is from he uses and what he painted(People).
In this text you can see how Matisse went through different types of styles, as you can see in this painting the colors aren't as violent as shown in other paintings. In this painting Matisse added shades of blues and greens, which in a way makes the painting much softer and nicer than the other ones.
You can see how in the whole style of "Fauves" there were similarities between different artists who studied the style. In the style "Fauves" they all used similar violent colors such as red, brown, and orange which are all used in this painting. From this painting you can see where Matisse got his motivation from.
As you can see between the video and the painting shown there are some similarities between both paintings, in the video it shows all of Matisse's painting and the painting shown here is a basic example of Matisse's later artwork.
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