Olek Lis

The painting I found to be very interesting was Resolution Made to Make War on the Dutch by Charles Le Brun, so I decided to do some research on the painter as well as this particular artwork. Charles Le Brun lived in 17th century France, and was declared by Louis XIV as the greatest French artisit of all time. Charles Le Brun was born in Paris and recieved comissions from Cardinal Richelieu at the age of fifteen. Le Brun spent time in both Paris and Rome, and with Colbert took control of two academies of art. Le Brun defined 17th century French art and was the originator of the Louis XIV style, which endured centuries after his death; most of his most important artworks are stored in Versailles, such as this painting. This painting was made towards the end of Le Brun's life, and depicts listening to the Roman god Mars who is showing him the victories of war and the triumphs it will bring him; however; he is also listening to the Roman goddess Minerva who is painted holding a scale and a sword; symbolizing both justice and the struggles associated with war that he will be forced to overcome. The gods are drawn on opposite sides to highlight the contrasting view of the two gods; they are also painted using different hues which portrays Minerva's negative opinion towards war, and Mar's positive opinion. Louis XIV is painted in the very center, in order to portray his importance in both the painting as well as in his own time.

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