Street Art - Juan Boyd

Street Art is a term that came from hip hop. Once in the 80's the kids use to get in trouble to express themselves but since the culture has placed over time a major effect on how art is perceived. The art of hip hop graffiti has made art lovers appreciate the talent of young artist coming into his or her own. 

This art piece was created to outlast the parking lot it was created in. The colors are plain but the effects bring the picture of the man to life. The numbers and letters keep the back round full.
This piece has many tags and is really authentic with originality from a blue giraffe to spray painted artist. The background has a older bathroom type look to show how old the picture was or become.
This piece shows kids enjoying some kind entertaining even. The colors was black and white, i believe this made the art work look better overall. This work should bring joy to whoever is walking by.
I felt this was the most unique street art i've ever seen. The way it sits in the middle of the street. Its as if the art is speaking to you tell you what to do or what not to do. The colors are basic but great.
This piece was more of a memorial piece to a dog that was lost. I feel many lost pets and did not know how to show how mach a animal meant to you. This art is colorful and it shows me that the dog was a happy animal.
The piece takes me back to the early 90's when colors in street art was bright and happy. The details of the piece looked very professional. The plain background made the colors easy on the eyes.
The piece has many self size people that was crafted professionally. The artwork reminds me of music videos. The art look as if it will come to life at any moment. The colors make the art realistic.
This piece is vintage street art at its finest. I feel a lot of hip-hip vibes coming off this piece. The colors are great especially with the lighter background. The cartoons adds the fun and happiness.
This piece is great you can tell the artist was not a beginner and is very dedicated to his/her craft. The length that artist has to go to make the colors and long drawn cartoons fit is inspiring.
The last piece is creativity at its finest. I see the color of the head are bright but the bodies are white and black. The fact that the cartoons are connected is pretty inspiring as well. Details are great too.
Credits: All media
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