Perspective And Contrast

This art gallery contains some artworks that in my opinion have some of the concepts discussed in the art history course of Full Sail University, among the topics that were selected for this gallery are spatial perspective,  movement, contrast, color and love.                                                                                                                                By Jesus Bravo.

Untitled, this piece of art gives the message that people can be afraid of change or something different, maybe progress or themselves, this piece of artwork uses bright and cold colors and no lines.
Personalities 98-301 combines art styles and ideas to send a message, the intention was to make people realize that we can perceive other people differently or that you can you can give to simple objects different personalities depending on the perspective you see that object or the way it was designed.
Natives carrying wounded is a piece of artwork that shows us the story of some natives saving the life of another man that was wounded in war, even thought its not specified if that man is a soldier or a civilian, the artwork is characterized by rapid painting techniques and low detail, with the intention of trying to capture the emotion or other important aspects the artist wants to relate.
View of castello di Rivoli, uses many of the techniques developed since the renaissance in Europe, probably made to represent the wealth or power of a person of that time
Carnival of 1656, carousel at palazzo barberni represents the aerial view of the carnival inside of the barberini palace, it uses bright colors over a dark background, and the architecture follows the standards that were set in the renaissance.
Coming from the Mill is an artwork that uses cold opaque colors, the message can be understood as a critique as some cultural event that could have happened around 1930 since every person is looking to the ground.
Wedding in the Kysuce Region is an artwork based on opaque and cold colors, even though its a wedding no one seems to be happy or celebrating and the background its deserted for any reason, like if there were more seasons to not celebrate
Portrait of a Married Couple in the park, is an artwork that represents a married couple that has wealth or power, the artwork uses concepts that developed in that period of time which tries to achieve realism, symmetry and more.
Blitzed site depicts life during te second world war were countries were in war, destruction and hunger. this piece of artwork is based around cold and opaque colors which gives us the message of how difficult was life in that time for all the people who lived from 1939 to 1945
Senatus Populusque Romanus, is a piece of art that uses abrupt movement and contrast of colors to represent "roman senate populist" a opinion of political events that could have happened in 2004 in Italy
The Fire of Rome, its artwork that relates the story of rome being destroyed, which left Rome devastated, this artwork uses dark background and has bright colors on top. its believed that there were two possible culprits of the fire, the emperor Nero or the christians (around 64 AD). this leed to the first christian persecution.
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